Magpie Beauty Products are in Canada! ( can we get a wahooooo!)


Magpie Beauty Products are finally available to purchase in Canada! Can you tell we're excited? 

If you are not familiar with Magpie Beauty let me give you a little run through of what it is, and what products we offer and sell.

Magpie Beauty was started by Sarah Shakespeare in 2015 with a small collection of 10 glitters. Today they are known world wide with 1000's of top quality nail products. Their products are truly outstanding, vegan, cruelty free, HEMA free easy to use products.

Magpie has tons of distributors all over the world and we are proud to say that we are the Canadian Distributor!

What products does Magpie Offer you may be wondering? Well all of our products are nothing short of amazing.

We sell everything from Gel Polishes to Nail Glitters to Top Professional Products. We offer builder gels, cuticle oils, brushes, nail stickers, nail art.

Pretty much you name it and we have it.

Here at Magpie Beauty Canada we are a small team of 2, Madiana the owner and Stephanie her Assistant. We are both nail techs and only use magpie products. We both felt so strongly about these products that we wanted to have the opportunity to sell these nail products to others.

If you have any questions about us or any of our products we would be more than happy to answer your questions by emailing us at

So check out our website and make sure to tag us on instagram and show us all of the products you get, trust us you wont find better quality than magpie.


~ Madiana & Steph

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