Rubber Up Base Coat

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Magpie Rubber Up is a clear rubber base layer which offers super adhesion with minimal lifting and chipping, giving extra protection to weak and brittle nails with great flexibility. Great for covering unevenness of natural nails.

Rubber Up can be applied thicker working like a structure gel. It can also be used alongside Magpie GIVE ME STRENGTH, BUILD ME UP and our other enhancement systems. You can also infill this product. For soak off removal, file to a thin layer and soak allowing extra time.

Our rubber up base gel has outstanding adhesion offering flexibility and shock absorbing abilities that help to protect the natural nail. Due to its nature please ensure your clients wear this product carefully. This product is flexible and will allow the natural nail to bend without the product itself breaking. Whilst the feeling of indestructable nails is great, remember that the exertion of stresses can lead to damage of the nail bed.

This is a professional product and this advice must be issued to your clients. We strongly recommend for your clients to return for professional removal of this product.

Cure time for applying thinner coats is 60s LED for thicker layers 120s LED.

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