Approximately 85 - 95 applications per 15ml bottle
Approximately 70 - 80 applications per bottle
Approximately 60 - 70 applications per bottle
The approximate cost per service is £2.50
To achieve the best results we recommended a 2 layer application process, however, Magpie Gel Colourare so highly pigmented they offer great coverage after 1 layer.
12 month period after opening.
To get the full 12-month shelf life from your Magpie Gel Colour please ensure that the products aresealed, stored away from direct sunlight or ambient light and are kept in a dry environment at roomtemperature.
Magpie Gel Colour is a professional only product. Our Gel Colour can only be purchased by techniciansholding a recognised training certi cate in manicure/ Gel Polish application.
Anyone that holds a recognised manicure/ gel polish or enhancement
qualification can purchase the professional Magpie Gel Colour System.
Yes. They do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP or camphor.
The best way to apply Magpie Gel Colour is to file and buff the enhancement with a 180 grit file or buffer,cleanse the nail with Magpie Prep & Dehydrate, then begin with the Magpie Gel Colour, there is no needto use our Base Coat when working on enhancements.
Magpie Gel Colour has been tried and tested as a system & should be used as a complete 3 step processto achieve the optimum results. We cannot guarantee that there will not be service breakdown if it is usedin conjunction with other base or topcoats.
As Magpie Beauty likes to keep technicians up to date with the most relevant colours, new collections willbe launched seasonally.
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